Monday, March 1, 2010

Our New Year

2010 is turning out to be a year of new things.

It seems like almost everything that we had in San Antonio we have a different version of here in Topeka, KS. It's as if switched to version 2.0 and we're wondering how long it's going to take to figure out all the new features and wondering if we're ever going to get used to it.

We've traded...

a cool winter for a cold one
a newer house for an older one
established friends for new and unknown friends
a built up youth group for a youth group in the building stages
far away family to not as far away family
"y'all" for "crick" (creek) and "warsh" (wash)
a great church family for a different great church family
Monday night basketball at 7:00 for Monday night basketball at 7:30

With all the changes there has been a lot of joy. We've already had a few visits from our parents. The congregation at Christ Lutheran helped move and clean our house the 3rd day we were here. I've seen a few birds I haven't seen in Texas. Laura really likes her new doctor and the hospital seems like it will be a good place to have Sprout.

The winter has been a bit wearisome though it does look like it's slowly breaking. At least we've been able to see snow along with the cold. There are some large trees around our neighborhood that I look forward to seeing in the spring and fall.

It's been easier to mourn the absence of so many great people in San Antonio with the congregation here in Topeka accepting us with open arms. It's still been hard to go through those beginning stages of starting relationships with new people and putting names with faces and trying not to compare everything and everyone to what and who we knew in Texas.

We're looking forward to things becoming more normal and for the unknown to become new opportunities. We love and miss all of you we no longer see on a regular basis. Come and visit anytime. You'll have a new, cute, interesting Moll to see soon.

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