Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Our next sonogram is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th, and we should be able to tell if Sprout is a girl or a boy. We can't wait to experience the next big surprise, and we hope we have the same technician who let Tommy record the last sonogram.

There are many happy things happening around us. My cousin Christian and his wife Pennie had their baby boy, Kainoa (it's a Hawaiian name - they'll call him Kai) last week. Our good friends, Blake and Lydia, tied the knot last night. And on Wednesday Tommy and I leave for Ft. Wayne for an Eggold Thanksgiving. God's blessings are overwhelming, and we have so many people around us to celebrate them with. I can't wait to be surrounded by Eggolds, some of my favorite people, with a big helping of mashed potatoes on my plate. Is that what heaven will be like?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

16 Weeks

Tommy and I read that Sprout should be able to hear noises, voices, music, etc. by now. It makes me ponder noise a bit more closely. What tone am I using with my students when they frustrate me? How loud is the music in my car to Sprout? Which Jackson Five-era Michael Jackson impression is better, mine or Tommy's? I'm excited that he/she can get to know our voices now, and maybe Sprout's listening closely when I'm reading aloud to my students. Time to break out the Mozart and begin the Ivy League prep.

Next week is our monthly appointment, and I will be asking when the big Gender Reveal can take place. It may be a Christmas gift next month.

Tommy received a call to a church in Topeka, Kansas. We are praying and considering, praying and considering, and we ask for your prayers as well. We've built quite a life and home here in San Antonio where the Lord has richly blessed us, but we know His blessings will follow us wherever we go.

Today, our friends, Doug and Jessica Taylor, bring their second daughter, Adelyn Mae, to the font to be baptized. Tommy and I are honored to be standing up there as her Godparents. God's blessings to little Adelyn today and always!