Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Honeydew - and a nerdy Tolkien reference

Tommy's last post accurately depicted how our lives have changed since the move to Topeka. I'm always amazed, though, at how resilient we are, how we adapt and take things day by day. I was talking to a Texas friend about how it was finally warming up here; in fact, it had reached 45 that day. She agreed that it had been a rough winter and that San Antonio was finally experiencing a nice day too, about 65. It's true that 45 in San Antonio feels so different from 45 in Topeka, but I'd already forgotten.

Tommy explained how our lives had changed, but the biggest change for mine is how it has become smaller. It sounds like a complaint, but it's not. "Butter over too much bread" is how Bilbo describes how he felt in The Fellowship of the Ring, and since Sprout came into our lives, I understand that feeling. Teaching, keeping house, being pregnant, preparing to move - it was all too hectic. I felt like I wasn't doing well at any of it. But as things have settled down for us, and as we are figuring out our place here, I don't mind my world shrinking a little to prepare and focus on the good things.

As of this week my world has shrunk/grown to approximately the size of a honeydew. Sprout becomes more and more of a real person to me every day, strong and with a mind of her own. This is most apparent when I am trying to get to sleep and she is just waking up, rolling around, kicking, and enjoying life. But I don't mind staying awake awhile longer and feeling her; that feeling is much better than sleep. And during the day there are times when I just sit and feel. It's a thrill. Tommy is ready to meet her; he says he wants to be able to spend quality time with her like I can now. A little selfishly, I disagree. I could stay pregnant the way I am feeling now for a bit longer. Thinking of having her in the outside world and not safely held within makes me sad. I'm sure hormones have something to do with it too, but these times with her have been the best part of being pregnant.

Tommy has definitely gotten to experience her strong kicks and rolls. We love watching my belly twist and wobble as she moves, and he felt her most recent bout of hiccups last night. But he is ready to hold her, to have her on his chest as he reads in bed, and I know that will be the next thrill for me, to share her with her dad.

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  1. How awesome! I loved hearing your thoughts, and I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful experiences you'll have with Sprout outside the womb! I'm so glad your pregnancy has been so pleasant for you -- what a blessing!