Monday, October 12, 2009

12 Weeks by Tommy

People have asked me if the reality of impending fatherhood has hit me yet. At those moments I recognize that the full weight of parenthood won't hit me until I'm holding my child in my arms. Fortunately there are things along the way that have allowed me to hear and see my child in order to remind me that I'm a father now and I thank God for all of those opportunities.

Today Laura and I went in for some tests which included a sonogram. Below are some videos of our baby. We were able to hear and see the heartbeat again. What was different from the last sonogram was the ability to see the details of arms, legs, hands, feet, and even some facial features. We also got to see the baby kicking off the uterine wall. Though the audio isn't the best, I was still able to hear myself make the 'awe's and the occasional 'that's crazy' as I marveled at all our child could do at 12 weeks.

So...check out our baby. He or she is a pretty cool kid.

audio of hearbeat

visual of heartbeat

kicking and hiccups

feet and the scoot