Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camp Luther `09

What better way to kick off our blog than by writing about our trip to Camp Luther in the north woods of Wisconsin? My mom and dad and sister, Lisa, came as well as my Gram and Aunt Mary. The cool weather came as a great relief since the Texas summer is in full swing in San Antonio. Tommy and I resurrected sweatshirts and jackets we hadn't seen since January. We had a few rainy days, but we still crammed in all the Luther activities that have become tradition in the decades that my family has made the trip.

Most mornings started with a hike in the woods, and during the days, depending on the weather, we kayaked, canoed, played Scrabble or shuffleboard, and soaked in the wildlife. Tommy discovered biking on the trails, and the two of us got away for a spin down the road from camp. He also took the sunfish sailboat out on a sunnier day. On Monday it rained all day, so Dad, Tommy, and I ran to the Tree House Village and played a game of Scrabble. Dad won.

Gram dominated the shuffleboard court. Together, Tommy and I were a 100% defeated team. We just couldn't hold a candle to that lady. Of course, there were campfires and s'mores, card games, moments sitting on the beach or the dock of the cabin, mosquitoes and ticks, deer, and best of all for me, the tall trees of the north woods. It was great to be together for a week and sad to leave. -L

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  1. What an awesome time that was!! Thanks Tommy and Laura for sharing your great photos and mini movies! Wish we were still there. These pictures bring it all back!

    love Dad