Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

After a few weeks of being at home with no work responsibilities, I cannot imagine going back to the grindstone. There are too many things to be done, learned, enjoyed, and experienced to have the burden of a daily job. I have not, however, been frivolous with my time. My house has experienced the shock of a healthy deep cleaning that it hasn't felt for awhile. Room by room, I'm scrubbing baseboards, vacuuming up those little spiders, cleaning off the dust that seems to hide until I've turned my back just to settle right back in its place. But it feels good.

I have also been putting my sewing machine to use. Over the school year I learned how to use the machine by making a pair of pj pants under the mentorship of my school's home ec. teacher, Mrs. Willard. It took all year... My classmate, Sandra, and I called our projects the "eternal pants," but thankfully they were completed in late May. At home (under no supervision!) I have made a couple of skirts (wrap-around - no zipper) and some cloth napkins. The hobby is addicting, and although I may think I am being frugal by making my own clothes, the materials add up to be more than I would usually pay.

These weeks have kept me homebound for two reasons: I am saving up for our trip coming up, and it's too bloody hot to spend much time outdoors. The energies that I put into springtime planting have turned to dust, both figuratively and literally. I watch my flowers dry to a crisp and my vegetables die before their prime from my air conditioned haven behind the windows. And just like last year, I care little and merely scoff at my vernal idealism. How could I have thought anything green and lush and not native to Texas might survive this year? I shake my head in despondence...

Tommy and I will soon be shaking the Texas dust from our feet and heading north via Natchez, MS, Memphis, and Indiana. We haven't roadtripped just to roadtrip since our honeymoon, and we are looking forward to hitting the highway. Tommy especially can use a break from work as the summer season is in full swing with VBS and mission trips. We will be attending my cousin Heidi's wedding as well as Kristen Barz's wedding, both in Ft. Wayne on the same day and both with grooms named Andy. There should be plenty of stories and pictures we will share when we return later in July. Until then!

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